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Contemporary art, Modern art, large Abstract paintings for sale

Welcome to BigAbstract.com where you will find an exciting range of modern abstract paintings.
BigAbstract specialises in contemporary British fine art which will completely transform your home or place of work. Every painting is an original and the works are dynamically executed, colourful and unique.
  BigAbstract.com is committed to offering our customers the best value for money.
If the original abstract paintings are too much for your pocket, then check out our great range of Ltd edition Giclee prints!
Each picture is created in the UK by a professional British painter, for profiles please see our artists page.

Bigabstract.com - Art YOU can afford to buy!

At BigAbstract.com we are very happy to take on commissions of all sizes and volumes, we specialise in offering abstract paintings to interior design professionals and into the corporate enviroment. To make a trade enquiry please email trade@bigabstract.com or call Jai McCarthy on 07985 490875
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