Artists @ BigAbstract: Jai McCarthy

Artist Profile: Jai McCarthy

Jai is the proprietor of and his paintings are represented on this website as well as with a number of other galleries.
He is a prolific painter, and works in an abstract style.
McCarthy’s paintings use colour, line and form intuitively and often represent subjects of profound importance to him. Typically, the paint is dynamically applied, in the spirit of so-called ‘action painting’ where the physical act of painting itself is an emphasized, essential aspect of the finished work and of special importance to the artist.

'Painting is the primary method that I use for expression. I aim to release the bounds of the subconscious so that it may be allowed to flow freely onto the canvas. The process of painting is a way to realise and express those feelings which are powerful yet undefined in words. The symbolic significance of the paintings created sometimes only becomes clear to me in retrospect.
The qualities that I seek to embody in my work are that it is intuitive, natural and spontaneously executed.'


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