Artists @ BigAbstract: James Gabriel

Artist Profile: James Gabriel

Simple symbol, fathomless meaning. Sound in form.

James Gabriel uses a wide variety of media to compose his works, which display a singular clarity of composition.
His art is profoundly introspective and often on a philosophical or spiritual theme.
It is well worth taking a few moments to read the descriptions of individual pieces, which can be both stimulating and illuminating.

I consider making art an exercise in mindfulness and enjoy this creative process.
I like art which is functional as well as decorative.
My favourite art forms contain deep meaning and are catalysts for contemplative action.
The magical capacity of symbol and script to convey meaning is of particular interest.

My approach to art was through meditative martial arts practice, which matured into a passion for philosophy. As a student I sold paintings to further my studies. This led to a lifelong interest in art and its practical effects.
Discovering new meanings and considering art forms in which to embody them is a source of daily inspiration and the core of my art life.

I have long since given up any prejudice as to this or that form when it comes to art.
No sooner have I said “I like this” or “I don’t like that”, then some work turns up to shatter my illusion.

Throughout the years I have benefitted from influences too numerous to mention. Two come to mind.
I was enjoying some aboriginal painting which had a map like quality. I was viewing the picture as a decorative and stimulating visual image. I later discovered that the work was an encoded history of a particular group of people.What I read as colour and form, they read as a library of historic events.

Another influence was an idea from Matisse that holds true in art and in life, namely:
“everything superfluous is taking the place of something essential.”


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